Github Actions CI using PyCall and a local/Github python package

I’ve built a Julia package that uses a python package imported via PyCall.
The python package is only available via GitHub, it’s not available via pip or Conda.
Locally, this works fine. I can simply install the package in the Conda environment used by the Julia package and it’s able to find it.

However, when I push to Github, the CI fails because it can’t find the python package.

Is there any way how I can install a python package from Github in Github Actions?

For packages available from conda, you should add file deps/build.jl:

using PyCall

Maybe there are similar ways to add packages from github URL within PyCall.
If there are not, just call python script to add it from URL, then set PYTHON environment variable to use system-wide python installation, and then start Julia and build your package.

If your python package is in private repo, then you should use github secrets.