Manage Python packages to use in Julia

I am using Python packages in Julia that need to be installed with Conda.jl.

I want those packages to be organised on an isolated environment (not root) to prevent conflicts. The goal is to use PyCall.jl.

It says on the Conda.jl documentation that:

If you are installing Python packages for use with PyCall, you must use the root environment.

Is this really mandatory?

I created a Julia project using generate and added Conda, then I added a package to a specific environment Conda.add("libnetcdf", :my_env), this created /Users/user/.julia/conda/3/envs/my_env.

How can PyCall.jl read the packages from my_env and not the Root? Can this be achieved with ENV["PYTHON"] = "... path of the python executable ..."?

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You might try using CondaPkg.jl with PythonCall.jl, as the newer CondaPkg has much better support for environments and Julia projects.