[Senior] Software engineer position at QuEra in Quantum Computing

Job description: QuEra Computing Inc. is seeking a highly experienced (senior) software engineer to lead the development of a first-of-its-kind software platform for quantum computing, bridging between QuEra’s state-of-the-art quantum computing hardware and users. QuEra is a highly collaborative environment where team members work both independently and as a member of a cohesive cross-functional team combining atomic, photonic, quantum information and quantum and classical algorithm expertise to produce the world’s first scalable commercial quantum computing solutions.

For this role, qualified applicants need not have a background in quantum computing, but should have a deep interest in quantum technology and be able to quickly learn and work in a small and fast-paced interdisciplinary team.

Candidates would ideally have a BS or a PhD degree in computer science, electrical engineering or a related discipline and experience in scientific, embedded hardware or high-performance computing or a related field, experience and knowledge in Julia language is preferred.

Exceptional aptitude for problem-solving, and 3+ years software development experience are required. Interested persons may send a CV and an optional cover letter to employment@quera-computing.com.

About QuEra:

QuEra is a neutral-atom based quantum computing startup located in the heart of Boston near Harvard University. The company is founded on pioneering research by world-renowned scientists Mikhail Lukin, Vladan Vuletic, and Markus Greiner at Harvard and MIT. At QuEra, our mission is to build the most scalable quantum computers to date to tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications in optimization, simulation, materials-science, pharmaceuticals, and more. To do so, we are assembling a world-class team of scientists and engineers to bring quantum computing from promise to reality.


Cool. Sounds similar to Rigetti Computing.