Rigetti Computing is Hiring

Not all the job descriptions mention Julia, but we now use it across the company for simulations, internal tools, analysis, ETL and similar. Our HN jobs posting follow. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly. Best -A

Rigetti Computing | Software, Data, IT, Fab, Physics, other | Full time | On-site | Berkeley & Fremont CA | Visa Sponsorship | https://www.rigetti.com/

Rigetti Computing is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most pressing and important problems. Our quantum computers are publicly available on our cloud platform today and free for academic use. We’re looking for software engineers, data engineers, physicists and others to help design, test and build our next generation of quantum computers.

A few of our open roles:

  • Director of Infrastructure, Quantum Cloud: Lead our infrastructure organization and enable the success of Quantum Cloud Services.

  • Software Engineer, Qubit Manufacturing (Fremont): Support our fabrication facility with analysis, automate custom tools.

  • Software Engineer, Qubit Design & Test: Work with our qubit design and theory teams to build automated simulation and analysis pipelines.

  • Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure: Build out our internal data infrastructure and collaborate with our full-stack quantum engineers and deployment teams to support Quantum Cloud Services.

  • Senior Full-stack Software Engineer: Help build and optimize Quantum Cloud Services.

  • Infrastructure Engineer: Keep Quantum Cloud Services running and support our Engineering teams.

  • Quantum IC Design Engineer: Develop simulation and CAD tools for building quantum circuits.

  • Senior Software Engineer: Improve the performance of our qubit control software and compiler stack.

  • Infrastructure Engineer: Build out our internal compute infrastructure and support Quantum Cloud Services.

  • Software Engineer, Quantum Applications & SDK: Develop and maintain open source tools and libraries for quantum programming focusing on near-term applications and algorithms, in areas such as chemistry, physics, optimization and machine learning.

If you’re interested in these or any of our open positions, please apply online to the most appropriate position and also message me on discourse, mentioning this post. Thanks!