Quantum Computing Startup, Multiple Roles

QuEra Computing is looking to fill several positions in scientific programming, developers for its cloud service team, and devops. QuEra is a quantum computing startup spun out of research at Harvard and MIT that develops novel quantum hardware, deploys it as a cloud service, and creates a full toolchain for defining and running quantum algorithms. The highly cross-disciplinary team already includes many prominent physicists and engineers, loves Julia, and is expanding rapidly.

If you are interested, check out:

(1) quera-dot-com
(2) postings on linkedin
(3) some recent press

If you’re up for a challenge, want to create something truly different, and thrive in a fast-moving startup, please reach out.


It sounds great. I wish you a lot of luck. When quantum mechanics come in, you need luck. :wink:

You need luck. And cats.

Wish I was younger - and located in the USA!

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