Seeking Julia package contributor guides

Hey folks, as some of you may or may not know, we are currently in the process of writing and building a contributor home page for the Julia ecosystem (not specifically base Julia), in the hopes of making it really easy to onboard and attract new contributors. See the current progress here: Julia Ecosystem Contributor's guide

As part of this initiative, we are looking for packages / organizations with robust contributing guides to open PR’s and add themselves to this list:

The idea is that someone interested in getting started can quickly browse these pages and find areas that can start actively contributing to today. Looking forward to seeing more orgs / packages featured there!


I just made a new package and linked to the DataFrames contributor guide, fwiw.

DataFrames.jl welcomes contributions. In general first time contributors are recommended to either provide some simple “local” fixes to get the understanding of the process. They can also ask for suggestions what to work on depending on their experience (I have done this process several times already).


This is great, can you add this and other oppurtintites to the contributing guide here: DataFrames.jl/ at master · JuliaData/DataFrames.jl · GitHub so folks know this is an option?

I have opened it here. If you would have any suggestions on wording please comment in the PR. Thank you!

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…open PR’s and add themselves to this list…

It’s probably worth saying that the place to do this is here: at main · JuliaLang/ · GitHub