Search engines may redirect to old version of package documentation

Over the past 6 or so month while learning Julia bit by bit, I noticed that many times when I use a search engine of my choice to look for some documentation on a package, I end up on a rather outdated documentation, making the packages sometimes seem extremely immature even though they are not (in addition to the old docs not being able to answer the question I am looking for). I noticed that it sometimes gets fixed (presumably by the maintainers), but sometimes it does not (e.g. AMDGPU.jl had this Problem, but not anymore). This can additionally cause trouble if the changes in the documentation (e.g. how to set up a package correctly) are small but very important.

To give an example: I made this post after looking for “environments julia” which pointed me to 4. Working with Environments · Pkg.jl instead of the current version 1.6 which has much much more and better documentation.

I was wondering if this is a limitation of search engines or something can be done on the communities site to prevent these cases (I have never used Documentr.jl so I do not know the background processes in there).

My main concern is that this may be frustrating for some people who are not aware of the problem. I have made it a habit by now checking for which version the current documentation is, but early on I was not aware at all that I could be on the wrong site and things were sometimes much harder than they had to be.

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This has been mitigated in Documenter 0.27 which should add noindex directive for search engines, and also add a warning for the user.