Putting offline some old doc where Google is still sending

urgh… Google for some queries still sends to these pages…


That, if you are directly directed to an inner page (e.g. Numbers · The Julia Language ) doesn’t become immediately evident it is an old stuff as 0.6 is neither in the title or anywhere in the page…

@kristoffer.carlsson : if you are not using it, would you consider putting it offline ?

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Actually, the problem is more general… for some reason for a good share of my queries Google directs me to some old pages, I reached even some 0.3 pages.

The question is why the latest version of the official documentation is not indexed so well on search engines as it should.
This, I believe, is an important problem, maybe someone expert on SEO should look on the issue… is it the documentation software ? It is a “bad reputation” host ?

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