Scientific formatting of y-axis using CairoMakie.jl

Hi, I would like to get the formatting of my y-ticks like this
Screenshot from 2022-09-19 16-19-23
How to get this using CairoMakie.jl ?

Maybe this section of the docs can help? Axis

There is also something a little further down the page about axis scales

I never implemented that because I feared the additional complexity of dealing with the axis title if it’s left aligned and other edge cases. You can do this manually by scaling your data with the desired factor and placing a label in that spot:

x = rand(100)
y = rand(100) .* 10e10
y_scaled = y ./ 10e10

f, ax, sc = scatter(x, y_scaled)
Label(f[1, 1, Top()], halign = :left, L"\times 10^{10}")

Thank you!