Y-axis in CairoMakie.jl not vertical

I am making plots in CairoMakie.jl (v0.10.1) and noticed that the y-axis isn’t quite vertical. It generally looks less tidy than the x-axis.

using CairoMakie

xs = rand(100); ys = rand(100)
fig, axis = scatter(xs, ys)
hidespines!(axis, :t, :r)
axis.xtrimspine = true; axis.ytrimspine = true
hidedecorations!(axis; ticks = false)

save("fig.pdf", fig)

It’s most obvious when the figure is exported. The x-axis looks as I’d expect – very tidy but even the bottom of the y-axis is untidy.


The top of the y-axis is even worse


Is this a known issue? I haven’t found it mentioned elsewhere.

Weird, it could be either the ticks being off or the line not straight, I’d assume that something with the position update of the ticks is not quite right.

Seems to be the latter and caused by the trimspine changes

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Thank you for your comments. I have added an issue at y-axis misaligned after axis.ytrimspine · Issue #2664 · MakieOrg/Makie.jl · GitHub.