Scientific Computing Lead - Woods Hole Research Center (climate change research in Massachusetts)

I just wanted to post this position, from the Woods Hole Research Center in Falmouth, Massachusetts (Cape Cod).

The WHRC is the world’s leading Climate Change think tank, and they are looking for someone with experience in Scientific Computing to help their scientists make better use of modern computational tools and practices. Their staff is actively researching leading solutions to climate change, and they need want to hire a software expert to accelerate that research.

The center is located in southern Massachusetts, and I think there’s a public transit option to get there from Boston.

They don’t currently use Julia in their work (instead their scientists use a mix of R, Fortran, and Python), but they were very interested in that idea – especially if it could mean they could stop using fortran… :slight_smile:

You can apply through that SO link above! :slight_smile: