Science books using Julia

I don’t recall exactly where the overview of science books using Julia is located, but here are 3 books from SIAM Books in the October 2022 Inside SIAM newsletter:

  • Kelley, C.T. (2022). Solving Nonlinear Equations with Iterative Methods. Solvers and Examples in Julia. [Jupyter Notebooks]
  • Kaszkurewicz, Eugenius, and Bhaya, Amit (2022). Business Dynamics Models. Optimization-Based One Step Ahead Optimal Control. [JuMP/Julia with Jupyter Notebooks]
  • Driscoll, Tobin A., and Braun, Richard J. (2022). Fundamentals of Numerical Computation: Julia Edition.
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The Julia Programming Language website hosts a list of published and up-coming books:

It should be updated to add the Kelley and Kaszkurewicz/Bhaya books.
Pull requests/issues here.

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