[ANN] SIAMFANLEquations.jl v1.0 Publication release

La commedia è finita!

This project is Done.

I’ve just released v1.0, the final publication version, of SIAMFANLEquations.jl. This is a suite of nonlinear solvers, test problems, and examples.

The solvers are Newton and Newton-Krylov, Pseudo-transient continuation, and Anderson acceleration. The package has many examples.

This package supports my shiny new orange book
Solving Nonlinear Equations with Iterative Methods:
Solvers and Examples in Julia

author="C. T. Kelley",
title="{Solving Nonlinear Equations with Iterative Methods:
Solvers and Examples in Julia}",
series="Fundamentals of Algorithms",

The solvers are documented with Documenter.jl on the package repo and with a collection of IJulia notebooks. The notebooks are a pretty faithful version of the print book.

The final manuscript went to the printer on Sept 6. The target date for publication is October 2022.

The best thing about book projects is that they are not open-ended. They get finished. Ergo, any future updates to the package and notebooks will be limited to bug/typo fixes.

Of course, all my books make great gifts for any special occasion.

– Tim



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