Savefig not showing green in png with intrinsic fonts

When saving a plot with different colors, saving it to pdf shows the right colors, but with png it does not.
In png it will show the right colors for the text with vector fonts but not with intrinsic fonts. I am using GR with Julia 1.4.1.

Some of the colors (eg. green) don’t show up. Why are some colors different? Is there a fix? I want to save a figure as searchable pdf and as png with the colors showing.

Here is an example:

x = 1:2
y = 1:2
    text = [Plots.text("vector", :green, :top); 
            Plots.text("intrinsic", "helvetica", :green, :top)], 
    legend = false, 
    markercolor = :green, 
    markerstrokecolor = :green,
    xlim = (0,3),
    ylim = (0,3));

That is at least a known issue.