Issues with saving plot as pdf

I was trying to save plots generated using gr() backend in pdf format and this messes up the negative values along y-axes. This doesn’t seem to happen when the figure is saved as png though. I am attaching the plot command I used below

        [4 * sum(I_nAChR, dims = 2), 4 * sum(I_SK2, dims = 2), PSC],
        lw = [1.5 1.5 3],
        color = [RGB{Float64}(0.0, 0.6056031611752245, 0.9786801175696073) :magenta RGB{
        fontfamily = font(48, "helvetica"),
        xlabel = "t (ms)",
        ylabel = "I (pA)",
        label = [L"\textrm{I}_\textrm{nAChR}" L"\textrm{I}_\textrm{SK2}" L"\textrm{PSC}"],
        title = "Efferent stimulation at 50 Hz",
        foreground_color_legend = nothing,

Plot saved as pdf

I am not sure what is going wrong here.

I cannot replicate this issue on MacOS Plots v1.6.0.

My suggestion would be to take out plot elements and check whether the problem disappears at some point. In other words: do you have the same problem with the simplest

plot(1:20, -10:9)

or do you need to add one of the formatting instructions for the problem to appear?

Hi hendri54, thank you for the suggestion, I tried to use the MWE as below

plot(1:20, -10:9)

I was able to isolate the issue to this following line while retaining the rest in the plot() that I was using

fontfamily = font(48, "helvetica"),

Saved plot without the line above in the plot function

I am using MacOS Plots v1.6.3 with Julia v1.5.1.

Funny - that was the first thing I tried on my machine, but it made no difference.

My suggestion: try to downgrade to Plots v1.6.0. Then file an issue.

Ah, I see. I will try to downgrade and see if that changes things. For now, I just decided to leave the font settings out. Thank you for your suggestions @hendri54, much appreciated :slight_smile: .

The odd thing is, it’s now happening with some of my plots as well (no font settings, except what the theme sets).

I will file an issue if it persists