Savefig not searchable pdf in 1.4

In Julia 1.2 savefig to pdf creates low file size with searchable text. With Julia 1.4, the file size is a lot bigger and the text is not searchable, (but the png images are prettier). How do I create searchable pdf in 1.4? I am using gr.

You will have to specify the fontfamily in your plot command(s) to force GR to use one of the pre-defined intrinsic fonts instead of a vector font (which are the default starting with v0.48.0), e.g.

using Plots
plot(randn(10), fontfamily="helvetica")

Thank you! that worked. I was using a scatter plot with labels, so I added it to Plots.text also. Everything is now searchable. Where can I find a list of pre-defined intrinsic fonts and vector fonts?