Exporting to pdf with GR results in font size 1.5 larger


I’m using Plots.jl with GR for plotting, and trying to export my figures to pdf. I set font size using the theme command:

theme(:default, xguidefontsize=9, yguidefontsize=9, xtickfontsize=7, ytickfontsize=7,
    guidefontfamily = "Helvetica", tickfontfamily = "Helvetica")

which looks fine in the VSCode pane. But when I explort to pdf using savefig, and open the resultant file with illustrator, I see that the axis labels are size 14pt, and tick labels size 11pt.

I tried dividing the sizes in my call to theme by 1.5, but that results in using default font size, presumably because you can’t set non-integer font size?

I’m using Plots.jl version 1.5.4 on Julia 1.4.2

Any help on this most appreciated,