Running unit tests for Julia proper on home PC stalls computer

Whenever I try running the tests for Julia itself on my home computer, the system completely stalls out.

Is there a way to keep it from blowing up my system and complete normally?

How are you running the tests for Julia itself?

It may be useful to see how works.

From tester_linux64:

bin/julia rr_capture.jl 163 2a0368e8dc bin/julia -e 'include(joinpath(Sys.BINDIR, Base.DATAROOTDIR, "julia", "test", "choosetests.jl")); Base.runtests(append!(choosetests()[1], ["LibGit2/online", "download"]); ncores=min(Sys.CPU_THREADS, 8, 6))'

From tester_win64:

bin\julia.exe autodump.jl 157 2a0368e8dc bin\julia.exe -e ^"include^(joinpath^(Sys.BINDIR, Base.DATAROOTDIR, \^"julia\^", \^"test\^", \^"choosetests.jl\^"^)^); Base.runtests^(append!^(choosetests^(^)[1], [\^"LibGit2/online\^", \^"download\^"]^); ncores=min^(Sys.CPU_THREADS, 8, 9^)^)^"

The build bot scripts and configuration are located in GitHub - JuliaCI/julia-buildbot: 🤖Rise of the Machines 🤖 .

If I’m building Julia, then I might run make -j8 testall where 8 is the number of cores I have available.


I’ve just been doing include("test/runtests.jl") in the REPL. I’ll try that, thanks!

Also see Base.runtests(): Unit Testing · The Julia Language