“run without debugging” not working in VS Code

I am on Ubuntu 21.10, with Julia 1.7.3, Visual Studio Code 1.69.2, and the julialang extension 1.6.28.

I have not used Julia for a few weeks (I had been using VS code for some Fortran development and writing LaTeX documents), but now I can’t seem to “run without debugging” in any Julia program.

“Run with debugging” works fine. I can also do work in the REPL, and execute code line-by-line, but if I do “run without debugging” or “Julia: run file in new process”, things do not work. I get no output, and the for some reason the floating debug toolbar appears (only the “stop” and “restart” buttons are active).

Any idea how I can fix this behavior? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the julialang extension, and have disabled other extensions.

will fix this.

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Thanks. For now I have just downgraded the julialang extension to v1.6.24.