Run without debugging in VS Code extension

Hi, I’ve started to try the excellent VS Code extension recently, but I have failed to find the way to run an entire file in the REPL, using the shortcuts or menu options.

In the documentation pages I read that this is done with F5. On other other hand, in the “Run” menu of VS Code, F5 is labelled as “Start Debugging”, whereas Ctrl + F5 is “Run Without Debugging”. But both actions open a new “Julia Debugger” terminal - the same as the big “Run and Debug” button.

Press Ctrl + Shift + P on VS Code for the command menu and search for Julia Execute File. If you press enter then the command will be executed and the Julia file will be run.

You can also assign a key shortcut for the command: use again Ctrl + Shift + P and search for Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts , then search again for Julia Execute File. I can’t remember what was originally assigned (or if any shortcut was assigned at all) but I set it to Ctrl + Shift + Enter (borrowed from Atom+Juno).



I guess then, that the documentation in the Github page is outdated. And that all the options of the menu “Run” are related to running in debug mode (such that “Run Without Debugging” is of no actual use)?

I stumbled across the same issue here:

IIRC “Run without debugging” starts a new Julia instance, but in addition shows the debug controls which is kind of confusing. Plus, restarting Julia is not useful if you want to use Revise.jl for reduced package loading times.
I wonder if the default keybinding F5->“Julia Execute File” would make more sense.

See also this issue for the specific point about picking a shortcut:

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