Makie: layout question

I am having trouble adjusting the layout in my figure in Makie. Here is a screenshot of the figure that I manage to create:

Now, I would really like to adjust the whitespace between the colorbar and my triangular contour plots above it (bringing the colorbar closer). The [1,2] cell in my grid layout is highlighted with a blue box. All axes that I am using to plot things into (in cells [1,1], [1,2] and [1,3]) are 450 wide x 450 high.

Any tips on what I should check out?

It’s hard to say without any mwe, but you might be looking for rowgap!.

Looks like you made custom ternary plots within Axis right? So your plots inside the axes just need less space than you’re giving them, so there’s white space. You basically diagnosed the problem correctly already with the blue box. So I’d say just decrease the height of your axes by the amount of white space within them.