Robotics Motion Planning Library

Hello all, I’m looking for an off the shelf library I can use for motion planning in robotics.
Algorithms I’d like to see are RRT (and variants), PRM, A*, D*, etc.

A quick search on Google and JuliaHub, popped up some entries that had specific implementations but I couldn’t find a package that I can import in my project and get started with. If anyone knows of one or is working on one, I’d love to know about it.

Additionally, even if you do know of smaller packages that only contain some or one motion/path planning algorithms; having them linked in this post would be great as a some kind of path planning package curation.


You may try GitHub - JuliaPlanners/SymbolicPlanners.jl: Symbolic planners for problems and domains specified in PDDL.

It would also be helpful in answering if you provided the list of what you have already found.

Thanks for the link to the JuliaPlanners organization! I had not seen this across my searches.

Of course. Here are some codes I have found:

Haven’t found anything regarding PRM

As for A* and other graph based shortest path methods, JuliaGraphs has various methods for it: Shortest paths · Graphs.jl