RFC/Suggestions: -ShadowFerret.js- v0 html/Gui specification language?


Basic idea is to use a little javascript and a specification object to generate a web gui/page on the fly
At the moment it’s very verbose, but the operations are all pretty much the same so it should be fairly easy to turn into function + array operators… /partly done, but very much wip

weasb.js can be included in a blank html page for a bit of a demo

The trick here will be to make writing/otherwise creating the spec object easier & more efficient than just writing the same in html


It is a bit unclear how this post relates to Julia…


Ah, it may eventually be able to be used in tandem with jport and jgplot or others as a flexible local-web ui for julia, this piece isn’t really specific to julia though.


julia port of a tiny js database // datagraph w/ quirks
Supports simple [table, column] == value queries with getcont(), and fancier link lookups with link_Cont() using getcont and getlink recursions.
Partial restriction to 1:1 table-table connections (first nearest link only/ acyclic lookups), with many:many data-data connections supported (in theory/testing so far)