JuliaCon.jl Updated for 2024, Schedule Access via REPL

There’s also another interface to the schedule via JuliaCon.jl thanks to @carstenbauer :

julia> using JuliaCon

julia> schedule = JuliaCon.get_conference_schedule();

julia> filter(schedule) do sch
           occursin("Aerospace Minisymposium", sch.track)
7×8 DataFrame
 Row │ start                      duration    title                              speaker                            type             url  ⋯
     │ ZonedDat…                  Compound…   String                             Array…                             JuliaCon…        Stri ⋯
   1 │ 2024-07-10T14:30:00+02:00  30 minutes  The SatelliteToolbox.jl Ecosystem  ["Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas"]     Talk()           http ⋯
   2 │ 2024-07-10T15:30:00+02:00  30 minutes  Towards Aerodynamic Simulations …  ["Daniel Doehring"]                Talk()           http
   3 │ 2024-07-10T16:00:00+02:00  10 minutes  Variational Multiscale Method in…  ["Carlo Brunelli"]                 LightningTalk()  http
   4 │ 2024-07-10T16:10:00+02:00  30 minutes  Trajectory optimisation in space…  ["Jean-Baptiste Caillau", "Alesi…  Talk()           http
   5 │ 2024-07-10T16:40:00+02:00  30 minutes  Propagating large orbital uncert…  ["Jorge A. Pérez-Hernández", "Lu…  Talk()           http ⋯
   6 │ 2024-07-10T17:10:00+02:00  10 minutes  RunwayPNPSolve.jl: Uncertainty-A…  ["Romeo Valentin"]                 LightningTalk()  http
   7 │ 2024-07-10T17:20:00+02:00  10 minutes  Optimal Cooperative Rendezvous u…  ["Rajeev Voleti"]                  LightningTalk()  http

Great idea! If it is meant to be used from the REPL, why doesn’t it export any symbols?