[RFC-ANN] GeographicModels.jl: earth gravity and magnetic models from GeographicLib

I’ve created GeographicModels.jl, a package that wraps the magnetic, gravity, and gridded geoid models of GeographicLib. Possibly useful to persons who want to do high-precision navigation work in julia.

I would welcome comments on what might need to be done before this package would be considered ready for registration and, ultimately, to move to JuilaGeo.

Thank you for your attention.


Looks good, I’m not really across what it does. But a few points for registration:

  • Why not call it GeographicLibModels.jl ? GeographicModels seems like a much broader thing.
  • Unless a package is really small, the main file is better left to package dependencies, exported methods and types, and include statements. Then we can get an overview by looking at that file. Functions and types can go in other files.
  • You will want some tests - they are also good for seeing what the package does. Badges show that they’re passing.
  • More description in the readme and docs with some examples built with Documenter.jl would help people understand what your package does.