[ANN] GeoRegions.jl - Defining geographic regions of interest for data extraction

I am here to introduce the final stable version of GeoRegions.jl at v5 (don’t ask, it’s been a bumpy road with a lot of breaking changes). I hope this package will be useful especially to people who deal with geographic gridded datasets.

GeoRegions.jl provides three basic functionalities:

  • Defining a geographic region of interest (rectilinear or polygonal) using the GeoRegion type
  • Extract longitude-latitude gridded datasets of a GeoRegion of interest using the RegionGrid type
  • Extracts ETOPO 2022 topographic data from the OPeNDAP servers

Please see the documentation for a more in-depth tutorial and examples.

Inspiration for this package was taken from the python package regionmask

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I think GMT.jl can do all of that (plus a some more of topo/bathymetric data). But it’s nice that you made it with a better documentation (some day I’ll steal a bit of it :slight_smile: )

I’ve always viewed GMT.jl as more a plotting/mapping tool. Also, most climate scientists I know do not use GMT or know how to use GMT. I view GeoRegions.jl to be a simpler, more lightweight package that is more easily extendable to other packages for various datasets, especially in the defining and saving of geographic regions of interest.

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But it’s way more than that.

Here I agree with you.

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