Resources to help install Julia on large companies

We are working on a research project in partnership with the industry, and will soon need to transfer the technology to the company that funded the work. Do you have any advise on how to show the IT department of the company that Julia meets basic security requirements? What are these requirements usually? Do you know examples of large companies that installed Julia internally on their servers? For example, if a company like Microsoft installed Julia on their servers and made this information public on the WWW, I’d like to share the link with the IT department. That would be helpful I guess to convince the team that Julia has no major security issues.

Please let me know if you have any other advise regarding the installation of Julia in large companies.

I think there is the example of Blackrock and you could find other
examples on Julia Computing.

Yes, I will probably contact JuliaComputing to see if they provide some service to help with this process. It depends on how the team at the company plans to use the solution.

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