I would like to know about the use of Julia in small companies . Does anyone know any articles that talk about this to refer me?

I would like to know about using Julia in small businesses (since it is free software). Does anyone know any article that talks about this to refer me?

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We use Julia pretty regularly at Zoba, which is a 10 person startup. I use it for most of my data science work, and the most computationally intensive parts of our production code are written in Julia. (Other than that, we have a fairly standard Python backend.) We don’t have much in the way of public facing Julia material other than this super short blog post. I’m happy to answer any questions about our experiences with Julia.


Are you looking for personal anecdotes as well as articles? I started using Julia when I ran a consulting company - a bunch of clients needed some forensic analysis, and there wasn’t a great graph library that did what I needed, so I wrote LightGraphs. The reason I even knew about Julia was from IRC: I joined #statistics, if I recall correctly, and was told that “R is what great data scientists use today; Julia is what they’re going to be using tomorrow”. This was in late 2014, so I took the plunge and never looked back (well, I’ve expanded my language repertoire since, but Julia still holds prime position).

The clients didn’t care what language I used to solve their problem as long as I solved it.


There is a bunch of case-studies on Case Study - Julia Computing, presumably, at least in some cases it will be small companies.


Thanks :smiley:

I am currently looking for articles, but thank you for sharing your experience with me.

Thank you for your help. Can you send me your email so we can talk better?