[ANN] julia-companies.org


We have created a curated list of companies using Julia in production: https://julia-companies.org/.

So far it contains only our company – if your company uses Julia, please contribute by adding it!


Why you don’t accept companies that use Julia, and only allow companies that create brand new Julia packages?

If I am looking for a job and I want to work with Julia, a company that uses Julia is just as good.

It depends on how the company uses Julia. If a company uses Julia packages and writes its own Julia code on the top of those packages to achieve its own purpose, then that company is more than welcome on the list.

Do you have this scenario in mind, or a scenario where a company is using Julia with writing only throwaway code?

One can use Julia for throwaway code, but using it only for that makes little sense, so I would not worry about this too much.

I don’t understand why you are not welcoming companies that simply use Julia and not develop on it. What’s the problem with that? Julia already has a ton of spectacular packages, I can easily see someone doing production work without developing something new.

In your “contributing” you have This does not include using an off-the-shelf product that happens to be written in Julia. This is simply unwelcoming and frankly I don’t see the website https://julia-companies.org/ going very far as long as this is there.

People are often hired to do some work, and this doesn’t necessarily need producing new packages.

Also, I don’t think anyone would ever use a package because it “happened” to be written in Julia. Probably the fact that the package will be written in Julia makes it already a very compelling and very conscious decision. Definitely not a random one.


It’s not a high bar to require writing code and maintaining it. By those standards my workplace can claim to be using, among others, C, C++, Javascript, Python, Julia, and Matlab. It can’t claim to be using Haskell though, even if Pandoc is part of some documentation generation pipeline.


How are Invenia, Aviva, and Julia Computing not on this list? I’m confused.

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If these companies should be on the list, by all means please add them by submitting a Pull Request! We created the list itself but haven’t added the companies, because we don’t know enough about them.


julia-companies.org is based on erlang-companies.org, which is itself based on elixir-companies.com. We took the requirements from erlang-companies.org, and for the same reasons that were summed up by GunnarFarneback, we didn’t think this would be a high bar. In the Erlang world, these requirements are very sensible.

That said, we understand that this can sound unwelcoming in the Julia world. Actually, elixir-companies.com also doesn’t have these requirements.

So we removed these sentences, hoping to make it easier for people to contribute.

Thank you all for your feedback!