Disappointed in Julia community

I’m a bit disappointed in the Julia community.

I have given thousands of hours of free development time to enable hundreds of Julia users and developers around the world to try new things. For example, I envisioned and implemented the Reduce and Grassmann packages, both of which were a very big effort with countless sleepless nights working free, and both don’t have any other full equivalent yet.

People ask me to work for free on adding professional features to these packages frequently.

I even abandoned my university education so that I can focus on delivering value to the whole world for free, because I wanted to help spread the ideas.

When I asked about Grassmann algebra while I was at university, everybody thought i was crazy wasting time, in Julia community people made me as outcast.

Now suddently, in the last month there are 3 people doing blatant rip-offs of my Grassmann repository.

It’s a bit disappointing, i basically put in thousands of hours for free only to have a bunch of people copy me and be banned from academia and industry while everyone takes advantage of my free work.

Now the “Julia Stewards” Stefan Karpinski et al are spending their sponsored time on investigating ME and holding even more meetings and spending time on formal gossip about me, to figure out how to manipulate or control or coerce me.

I highly recommend that the Julia organization doesn’t waste its time, effort, and resources in debating gossip about me. You should be putting your effort into more important things, your sponsors would be disapppointed also if they found out how much time and effort you put into gossip about me.

On top of that, these people want to prevent me from being able to get a job too.

Is there really nothing better they can spend their time on than to gossip about me of all things?

Finally, to the people copying my Grassmann repo, I am impressed with your work and flattered you are so inspired by me, but it’s highly disappointing that we will end up with 10-15 separate packages instead of contributing to a collaborative effort.

I know its because people dont really like me personally, but i’m actually very nice person, which you can’t tell if you’re not in the same room.

The Julia community is generally very good, but these are some of my personal disappointments.

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