Request for the Juliacon 2023 schedule and hackathon plan

So it seems that details are still light on the website since we are a little early and the schedule hasn’t beer released yet (soon?).

I had a question regarding the different tickets.
it says the Talks+Workshop ticket is 25th-29th and the Talks only is 26th-28th.

So 25th is the workshops, but does anyone know if the 29th is the hackathon?
and it is intended that to participate in the hackathon you have to have a workshop ticket?


The website (currently) says workshops 25th & hackathon 29th

The conference will begin with a full day set of workshops on Tuesday, the 25th of July. Talks (and poster sessions) will be presented from Wednesday, the 26th, to Friday, the 28th of July. A hackathon for interested participants will be held on Saturday, the 29th of July.

I’m also wondering about how the hackathon works and, I guess, the same question about the relationship between workshop & hackathon tickets.

@logankilpatrick I think this is your department?

See the following for the workshops on Tuesday July 25th.

We cannot release a definite schedule yet because we are waiting on speakers confirming. Many of the speakers who have yet to confirm are waiting on visa confirmations.

The talks are scheduled from 8 am until 5 pm Eastern Time. Keynotes are scheduled for 9 am and 4 pm. Lunch is noon to 1:30 pm. Hacking events take place in the evenings.

The opening ceremony is planned for 8:30 am on Wednesday July 26th. The closing ceremony is planned for 5 pm on Friday Juy 28th.

All of the information above is tentative.