JuliaCon 2017: Tickets



Tickets for JuliaCon 2017 are now available at Eventbrite. See also juliacon.org


Tuesday: Workshops
Wednesday-Friday: Talks
Saturday: Hackathon


  • BUY NOW! Reduced ticket prices until March 31
  • Separate ticket categories available for talks and workshops
  • Save $50 by buying a combined ticket for talks and workshops
  • Discounted ticket categories available to students

On behalf of the JuliaCon 2017 committee
Andreas Noack

JuliaCon 2017: Call for Proposals
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The Talks+Workshop regular earlybird tickets seem to have already ended sales on Eventbrite, unlike all of the other earlybird tickets, which are available until the end of the month - I assume that’s a mistake?


Thanks for letting us know. The problem should now be fixed.