Blog post on the REPL in 0.6

Dear Julia community,

I invite you to read the new blog post on tweaks and improvements made to the REPL as well as the new color capabilities available in Julia 0.6. Hope you enjoy it and perhaps learn something new.

// Kristoffer


Looks great! Might I suggest updating the blog post to include an example of test_error() so people can follow along interactively?


That’s a good idea. Will try get to it soon.

I really like the syntax highlighting of OhMyREPL.jl - any chance this will be used in the standard REPL in the future?

Maybe but likely not. I foresee a PR for that would derail into a long discussion about what default color scheme to use :stuck_out_tongue:


Clearly Tomorrow Night Bright, though.

PRs to OhMyREPL welcome! :wink:

(For real, it is easy:

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I already implemented that for myself (the colors aren’t 100% exact but I can tweak more) so I’ll take you up on that :slight_smile: