REPL modes don't work in Juno



] doesn’t work with Juno yet. It’s qutie weird, I can Pkg.add from within Juno but not from Julia REPL. It must be because of the corporate firewall that somehow Juno knows how to get around but not the base Julia REPL.

Status of new package manager?

Did you read the Pkg3 readme? You have to load it first and then you get a new REPL mode. Not sure how that works with Juno. The old Pkg API remains but that’s not how you interact with Pkg3.


Sorry, I was not being clear. I cloned the Pkg3 package but in REPL mode I can press ] to get into Pkg3 repl but in Juno ] doesn’t work yet. E.g. ? in both Julia REPL and Juno brings me to the help REPL.


Did you load Pkg3?


Yeah i types using Pkg3 then enter. Is that it?

If it actually works then might be the computer I am on. Will test at home
as I was using computer.


After doing that in the terminal REPL does typing ] give you the Pkg3 REPL mode or not?


REPL modes won’t work with IJulia/Jupyter, either. Hopefully you can still do Pkg3.add("Foo") etc. without the REPL mode?


Nope; still the same as above.

] doesn’t work in Juno but works in Julia terminal REPL. I think just need to be built into Juno like ?

Also in Juno when it asks me “… do you want to install it?” I can’t actually move the cursor to choose an option as it’s not supported yet. In the Windows PowerShell Julia REPL moving the cursor using arrow keys work.


The moral of this thread seems to be “please describe the issue you’re having precisely”. The issue here (as far as I can tell) is now the title of this thread – “REPL modes don’t work in Juno” – this has nothing to do with Pkg3, it’s just a general fact. Sorry it took so long to get an answer to your question – I’m still not entirely sure if that’s actually the problem you’re describing.


Also TerminalMenus seems borken in Juno.


The current Juno Console doesn’t support any REPL based interaction except for some special cases (normal input, shell mode, help mode, input()).
I am working on a REPL based replacement at the moment which does support all of those things, so please be patient for that :slight_smile:

Any way to call the Pkg3 package manager from Juno?