Repl debugger how to set default editor?

hi there
just starting with the julia repl debugger but when I want to open the current line in an editor I get

About to run: (tuple)(2, 2)
1|debug> fr
[1] foo(n) at REPL[1]:1
  | n::Int64 = 20
  | x::Int64 = 21
1|debug> o
Could not find file: "REPL[1]"

how can I set up the debugger to set up xed ( my editor)
thank you

Unfortunately, the debugger cannot open an editor for a function that is not already stored in a file. Since this function was entered at the REPL, it exists only in memory. If you had loaded a function from a file (perhaps with include("file.jl")), this command would use the InteractiveUtils stdlib to open the editor specified in one of the JULIA_EDITOR , VISUAL or EDITOR environment variables.

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thank you for the great reply. Really saved me some time.