Opening current REPL input in editor (Alt-e shortcut) doesn't work properly

I’m using Windows 11 and Julia 1.9.1 and I’m trying the new feature from 1.9 which enables you to press Alt-e to open the current REPL input into an editor, modify the code and upon closing the editor, the code is executed in the REPL. I’m having problems tho.

If I use Alt-e in a VSCode terminal, nothing happens.
If I use Alt-e in a detached terminal, I get prompted by Windows to choose an editor. If I choose VScode, I get the file opened, but there’s no content, and closing the file (with or without saving) doesn’t execute anything in the REPL. If I instead choose the Windows Notepad, it says that the file doesn’t exist and it asks me if I want to create it. Am I doing something wrong?

Does the @edit macro work for you? Maybe some good info in the docstring there? On the phone so haven’t checked.

I think you have to set some environment variable so Julia knows which one to choose. Feels like vscode should maybe do this by default, but maybe there is a setting for it?

I assume this creates some kind of temporary or fake file, which maybe notepad doesn’t like?