Remove a field from a `NamedTuple`

Is there an easy way in base Julia to create a NamedTuple with all the fields except some particular ones? Currently I have the following, but I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious. I’m calling it delete as it seems to do what delete! does with Dicts, but not in-place.

    delete(nt::NamedTuple, fieldnames)

Remove the given fields from `nt`, returning a new `NamedTuple`
function delete(nt::NamedTuple, fieldnames...)
    (; filter(p->first(p) ∉ fieldnames, collect(pairs(nt)))...)

The collect is necessary because apparently filter on pairs returns a Dict, which loses ordering information.

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Maybe the easiest implementation is something like

delete(nt::NamedTuple{names}, keys) where names =
    NamedTuple{filter(x -> x ∉ keys, names)}(nt)

This needs Julia 1.4 or Compat.jl imported for filter on a tuple.

There is also BangBang.delete!! that does something like this and here is how it’s implemented:


You are looking for Base.structdiff.

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That’s a good example where I wouldn’t know if I can use it or if it might change without warning.

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Good point, I opened an issue:

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