Remote backend developer (web services, algorithms) - residential agriculture startup

Hi all,

My team and I have been working for the last year on developing software that brings a data science approach to residential agriculture / home gardening. I’m personally quite passionate about Julia, and have used it to write most of our core algorithms.

We’re seeking a backend developer who can help design and implement our APIs and data layer, and optionally collaborate on math models, computer vision, machine learning, etc. as interested. This is not a 100% Julia position, but we’re eager to use it whenever appropriate.

See here for details: Backend Developer — Farmly



Hi Oliver,
If you are still on the lookout for someone I would be interested in this position, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great Monday,

@Andrew1 and anyone else who may have applied - I unfortunately had misconfigured our shared inbox, so any emails to weren’t delivered. So sorry! It should be working now. If you’re still interested, please send another email.



I suggest looking at : Building a Web App in Julia: DifferentialEquations.jl Online - Stochastic Lifestyle from @ChrisRackauckas as that will seriously accelerate your thinking on Julia for middleware/API calls (it did for me) and maybe you can continue with Julia as a result.

Further, there is the Julia for microservices video on YouTube from @quinnj where he provides an entire repo on how to do it from scratch you[rself.

Personally, my take on your description of the role is closer to a solutions architect that can code, since you are after data storage + query layer design and abstraction of your domain layers. E.g. your host environment may allow usage of docker, kubernetes, serverless, cloud etc. It’s difficult to tell but that’s my impression for an online application providing user access to model execution and/or results.


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@djholiver - thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen that post by Chris, but I did watch Jacob’s workshop during last year’s JuliaCon, which was super informative. I’ve used the framework he presents in that talk for a lot of the Julia code I’ve written for this project.

Regardless of the job title, we’re looking for people who can help us build great software systems, and experience with Julia is a plus!

No problem at all - glad it helped. In that post, you’ll see that Mux is incredibly powerful and takes “composable” to the next step.

On the job title - more trying to help in your search - hope you find the right person.