Experienced software guy for hire

Hello all,

Please allow me to announce that I am available for hire as a Julia-enabled developer and software architect. I have 20+ years experience as a Java, Ruby and now Julia developer as well as mid- and senior-level architect. I have concrete experience with microservice design, API design, and application and systems architecture. I speak fluent French if that helps you.

I live in Montreal, Canada, from where I would work remotely for now, but I also have dual US/Canadian citizenship.

You can see my latest Julia project, SequencerJulia at https://github.com/turingtest37/SequencerJulia.jl (working but not yet ready for official Julia packaging).

And here is my LinkedIn profile
Thank you in advance for any job leads!
-doug beeson

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ur julia project link is returning 404

Sorry about that. It was private. I just changed the perms. Retry?

Works for me.

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