Relax for two minutes (video)

If you’ve had a stressful week (or month), here’s a short 2 minute video for you.

Painting in three time from cormullion on Vimeo.

(PS: Thanks to @skariel and other contributors to VoronoiDelaunay which I enjoyed taking for a spin this week.)


Very cool! I actually saw an original impression of the drawing at an expo last weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks! There must be 1000s of prints - all different shades of paper…

Thanks! Have a Nice Day!

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Is it a particular algorithm?

Whoa…so many times I’ve listened to this, and I’d never realized it was in 3/4 (or 3/8).

I think it’s just DelaunayTessellation() seasoned with some randomness.

(Seems like the US election week was a long time ago… )

Thank you, This helped :slight_smile: