Reinit! dynamicalsystems.jl

Hello, I want to write code for an orbit diagram for a continuous system with a detailed setting, and I have a questions. Where can i find source code for function _poincaresos from produce_orbit diagram.jl?
How do I build a package locally on my own to test the new features I want to add?
Where can i find all function for integrators?

I managed to parse some code fragments with great difficulty. I am relatively new to the Julia and some parts of the code have caused me a lot of questions.

@Datseris Hello, can you help me please with my questions

Wait for dynamicslsystems.jl v3 that comes out in a week and this will be trivial


George Datseris (he/him)

How can I plot an orbit diagram if idx are all phase variables? I don’t understand a bit how to construct if I conditionally store all the variables and then want to construct, say, 1 and 4 and their sum. Because of this, I have to count the same thing twice. I was thinking of replacing the type of variable for output with the one that I understand, but then it turns out to be inefficient in time run.

I need to save all the phase variables, because after the orbit diagram, I build time series, phase projections and calculate Lyapunov spectrum to make sure, for example, that I am really observing chaos, and not a quasi-periodic regime.

Hello, In my orbit diagram, the control parameter is equal to k1 = k2, that is, i change two parameters simultaneously in the same range and with one step. To do this, I have to change the system by replacing the parameters k1 and k2 on chemical_link. Is it possible to change the produce_orbit diagram function in such a way as to constantly not change the system?

Is there a list of systems that you would like to see in the package? I was thinking of adding a number of systems to the package.