ReinforcementLearning.jl vs POMDPs.jl

Hello. Some weeks ago, there was a live session regarding the ReinforcementLearning.jl package, and some of the questions were to identify differences, overlaps, and cooperation opportunities with the JuliaPOMDP organization.

I did more attempts toward such an understanding in the past

I 've used both packages but in a very simplistic way, and I am always quite confused about what to pick for an application. Or maybe if both are appropriate and interplay nicely ?
Moreover, regarding future developments would it make sense to coordinate future efforts on the field ?

It would be very nice if someone could offer their perspective on these, making an overview of these packages as a comparison to each other.

I took the liberty of mentioning some of the core developers of each organization.
@findmyway @zsunberg
I hope it’s fine :sweat_smile: