Regular JuMP-NLP developer call

Hi everyone!

Last week at JuMP-dev, we agreed on organizing a regular meeting to discuss the future of nonlinear programming in Julia/JuMP.

As a follow-up, I would suggest to organize our first meeting by the end of August. I have created a Doodle to find a schedule that suits everyone:

For the format, I would be in favor of following the organization of the JuMP-dev regular meeting:

  • before the meeting, everyone can fill a Google Document to add a new topic to discuss during the meeting.
  • during the meeting, we discuss each items on the agenda, from the start to the end.
  • after the meeting, we complete the Google Document with a short summary of the points discussed during the meeting.

I have created a Google Document here, as a basis: JuMP NLP developer call agenda/notes - Google Docs
Feel free to edit by adding the points you would like to discuss!

I welcome any suggestion to improve the organization. For instance, we could also start every meeting with a short presentation, where one of us could present cutting edge research in nonlinear programming and/or Automatic Differentiation.

Towards first-class NLP supports in JuMP! :rocket:



Debriefing the results of the doodle, I would suggest to organize our first meeting on Wednesday, August 25th at 6pm UTC.

I realize that the time might not be optimal for everyone, with the different time zones. Let me know if someone has any objection with this schedule.