Registry dirty

Correct, this should not be allowed. Case-insensitive file systems cannot handle this. The commit on metadata that added a different case of the same name should be reverted and we should add a registration check preventing this.

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Shouldn’t that happen with the UUID being what determines the package and not the name? This is actually nice, since this is the first time in the registry where there are multiple packages “conflicting” (here is not even the actual same name). I asked shortly before stdlib/Pkg, but I think it is still relevant… The way the registry is set up it stores the files based on the name rather UUID so this could be problematic. Should it be resolved after dropping METADATA and METADATA compatible UUID?

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No, its stored based on uuid:, this was (is) only a problem with the conversion script.


It works again. Thanks for fixing.

I am experiencing the same issue. However, if I delete the folder General, Julia (v1.0.0) does not reinstall it.
In registries/General/Q I do have QRUpdate instead of QRupdate as I understand from the discussion. Manually renaming the folder does not help.
Any idea how to reset the General folder (or simply the QRUpdate one) ? Equivalently, how to ask Julia to re-install General after removing it ?

Have you tried with latest release Julia v1.0.2 ?

Update to 1.0.2 or delete the whole registries folder.

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@greg_plowman No I did not want to upgrade just yet. I feel that if I do it now, by a year from now I will have many Julia installed and I am not sure how that works.

@kristoffer.carlsson Fantastic, that worked. Thank you very much! What a headache that was for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Upgrading is highly recommended, it contains many bug fixes. You can just uninstall your old julia and install the new one.

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In theory, point release upgrades (e.g. v1.0.0 -> v1.0.2) contain bug fixes only and should be backwards compatible. They should be considered as a drop-in replacement. No need for multiple installations.

Oh I see, that is good to know. I will have to copy and paste my packages before deleting Julia 1.0.0 I assume.

No, just install new version of Julia v1.0.2, check everything works OK, then delete Julia v1.0.0. Packages should be unaffected.

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I am looking at this right now. Indeed, everything seems to be identical. Thank you both for your fast replies! :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the same exact issue. Removed the General folder with Windows Explorer and then followed with an “up” command in the REPL. All is good!

This worked for me too.

These solutions don’t work for me on ARMv7, 32-bit - even going into the General repo and git reset --hard HEAD don’t solve it. It appears that every file has been changed.

Edit: This seems to be a different problem; the error is introduced when a stdlib is added.

@fredrikekre, I read your posting and removed ~/.julia/registries/General/ directory without backing it up. In my case, restarting REPL followed by Pkg.update() did not recreate the directory.

(v1.4) pkg> update
   Cloning default registries into `~/.julia`
   Cloning registry from ""
ERROR: Git repository not found at ''

If someone wants to try the suggestion in this posting, I recommend backing up the ~/.julia/registries/General/ directory before deleting.

EDIT. Maybe related with the Julia version. It does not work in version 1.4, but it works in version 1.0.

Works for me, you are probably running into (,

From my case in Window 8.1/Julia v1.2, it was caused by “Stage Changed” that I switch the default package source address into mirror one without commit this change in Git. Assume you had installed Git in your PC, try to use Git bash or Git GUI to check it out. Once you commit the change, the error could be fixed.
Hope it could help.