Why do the packages folders get dirty/broken so easily?

Many times I install new packages I end up needing to delete the clones folder or cleaning the git repository in some way.
Is there any way to avoid this problems?

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What happens otherwise?

When you just install packages normally we don’t use clones, so not sure what your problem comes from. In what way are the clones dirty?

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Today I haven’t installed anything new but when I’ve installed new packages (for example last week StatsMakie.jl) I had this kind of errors :

I’ve seen you are the guy who replied there suggesting to remove ~/.julia/registires/General. Other threads suggest to remove the Clones folder instead.

If I don’t do it I just can’t install or build the package.

More about dirty folders:

Is there any way to remove just the broken subfolder (know which one) instead of all the registry or clones folder?

That was an intermittent error and was not a package that got dirty, but the registry.

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The issue you linked to is three years old… it’s not even remotely relevant.

That was the first I found.
But I had the same kind of error messages last week with Julia 1.0.

There are many reasons why these folders can break. The issue where the registry broke last week (this is probably the issue you are referring to) was a temporary issue in the registry which has now been fixed: it will not continue to happen.

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What is the error message? Can you show some error messages with stacktrace?

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