Registries that update automatically

The current process to update a registry is to submit a pull request for tagging a new release. However, given a git repository, at least with Github, one could systematically create/update all the package information (i.e., using Github API). This could be used to automatically make the registry aware of new releases, reconstruct the version history to match the repository, etc.

attabot is a great tool, but if not mistaken it works by relaying on one registry (current system). What I would like to explore is having the registries query/update the registered repositories rather than the repositories sending out the information to the registry.

attobot is the Uncurated registry listening to its packages, isn’t that exactly what you wanted?

You are correct, I thought it was the package sending the information, but it is indeed the registry listening. Thanks for clarifying it for me. Would different registries be able to create listening bots à la MyRegistry_attobot for example? These bots could then be customized to meet the registry criteria (e.g., must have x and y and check C.I., etc.), no? Every so often a modified script could clean the registry by re-writing / synching the repositories à la CRAN (e.g., purging unmaintained or depreciated packages). Another feature could be to re-build the history of a package. For example, transferring ownership of a package or reviving a package from a git repo that would then create the relevant releases as it would have been originally.