Github Package Registry

Stumbled onto this - might be interesting for Pkg integration:


The analytics one could derive from this may be interesting, OTOH I think we are already too integrated with Github (the new registry setup is of course a significant improvement and allows other integrations). I would prefer to stick with open architectures for all core functionality.


From having watch the talk, it seems like the Github registry process just hooks to the language specific tools (package manager/registry/bots). For example, having the registry give the Github repository to download could make use of the global CDN. The new bot to match releases in the registry with release/tags in the repository would be trivial through the common Github pipeline, etc. It doesn’t replace any of the tools, but rather offers a standard way to interact between them. At least, that is what I got from the 30 talk. I signed for the beta to check it out. It would be great if the package people reach out to get more specifics and a ticket for the next programming languages to implement.

Announcement and tutorial (video)