Registrator requiring compatibility of packages without versions

Hi everyone!

I am trying to update a package that I have in the registry. However, the Registrator is giving me an issue with some packages not having dependencies in my Project.toml file. I am getting the following error message from AutoMerge:

The following dependencies do not have a [compat] entry that is upper-bounded and only includes a finite number of breaking releases: Distributed, LinearAlgebra, SharedArrays, SparseArrays

This had never been an issue for the previous versions of my package… Using Pkg.status() these packages do not have any version associated to them, so I do not know how to include them in the [compat] section of my Project.toml file. I could try to get the code seen and approved by a human, but I thought there should be ways of fixing this so that it works on AutoMerge.

Thanks so much for your help!

See PSA: Compat requirements in the General registry are changing.