Reduce.jl expand/rcall deadlock

The Reduce.jl, the following works
using Reduce

However if I try the following
it gets into an infinite loop. If I interrupt once, and try again then it comes out with a prompt
“Type Y or N?;\n3f(x,y) + 2g(x1,x2,x2)”

and on the third time, it works well.
“3f(x,y) + 2g(x1,x2,x2)”
Looking into the code, it appears that there is an error check which prompt the Type Y or N? Is this an intended check ? Can this be fixed?
This is a nice package which helps in quite a bit of symbolic expression simplifications. It would be nice to have this fixed. Or any other suggestions to work around it (instead of manually interrupting this 2 times).

Thanks for the help/suggestions

using Reduce