Entering code to Reduce.jl

In the Reduce tetorial it gives examples of how to do things, like expand a function


using u:=(x+y+z)^3

using Reduce


this gives a syntax error

u = literalpower(^(x+y+z),cor apply type (val 3)

I think this is from Julia, because I don’t have Reduce able to execute. How do a have it so I’m executing Reduce code, using Reduce.jl?

The developer of Reduce.jl is not on discourse, but you will likely get a prompt response on the GitHub page for it if you ask there: https://github.com/chakravala/Reduce.jl


The package author answered at https://www.reddit.com/r/Julia/comments/jiepax/entering_code_to_reducejl_censored_response_on/.

Thank’s I got it. I’ll go look into it.